Lucky charm


I guess this blog is my lucky charm! I published my first post the other day about being unemployed and then on the same afternoon, I got my offer letter from a company I had been interviewed by a couple of weeks ago, so hello employment!

And this was what I posted on my journal right after e-mailing back the signed offer letter: “HELLO SALARIED LIFE! HELLO BEING ABLE TO AFFORD STUFF AGAIN! HELLO TO BEING NOT SO DEPENDENT ON DAD ANYMORE! HELLO LIFE!ā€ You see I might have just got a teeny bit too excited.

Aaand I did the Lion sleeps tonight song out loud with my three year old niece who was more than happy to have an excuse to jump around on the bed. [I swear, I am a mature person otherwise]

I start next month, so Iā€™ll be using the next couple of weeks to prepare myself for what will hopefully be a good start to a challenging career. Looking forward to it!


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