Guilty pleasures and Korean heartthrobs

You have no idea how many times I’ve opened the New Post tab in the past couple of days only to close it again. Let’s just say I’ve been a bit.. distracted lately.

Blame it on them Koreans! (And a few Chinese – Han Geng, stop being so hot!)

How dare they be so awesome?!

My friend introduced me to K-Pop back in 2010. I immediately took a fancy to this band, Super Junior, after listening to ‘It’s You‘ and proceeded to ignore the rest of the K-Pop world. ‘Cause I’m cool like that. Thirteen men (thirteen members in a band?! I know right!) who could sing, dance AND look good in suits – what more could a girl ask for? Anyway, I obsessively listened to them for a couple of months, and then like any other college kid, got distracted again by shinier stuff.

Let’s fast forward to now. During the weekend, I was searching something up on YouTube, one link led to another (you know how it is on YouTube – YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK) and then another … and after a couple of hours I found myself re-watching all of Super Junior’s MVs.. and TV shows.. and live performances.. and …

That was 4 DAYS BACK. Since then, I’ve found myself dedicating ALL of my free time (which included WordPress time, by the way) to SuJu related stuff. Yeah, I’m quite the enthusiast. Why am I so jobless?


Have I mentioned these guys are absolutely hilarious as well?

What’s cool about this band is that they’re great entertainers. They get on a talk show, leave everyone in splits; perform awesome live shows, from what I hear; and basically, are just really down-to-earth souls with amazing talent.

So yeah, when I talk about K-Pop, I just mean Super Junior; I’m not a music person *awaits gasps*. Occasionally, I find a song/artist that I love and obsessively listen to the song(s) till I get sick of it and then revert back to my next favourite sound:- Silence.  

be me

S&M Random Confession Time: 

Remember the time you used to make fun of your little sister for watching Hannah Montana while secretly loving it yourself, you sly little thing, you? *takes deep breath* Alright, I admit it! I watch Korean dramas for fun every once in a while, it’s a guilty pleasure! *exhales*

The story lines will more or less be the same always – a rich/poor and hotshot/not-so-hotshot guy falls for a poor/rich and not-so-pretty/pretty girl or vice – versa – rich family opposes – enters third guy/girl who falls for the girl/guy – by the time the girl/guy realizes she/he’s in the love in the first guy/girl, some misunderstanding occurs – drama drama – finally, guy gets girl. That’s Korean chick drama in a nutshell for you.

What can I say, a gal needs her ice cream and dose of chick flick material once in a while!

I digressed here. Back to Super Junior!

Here, have some K-Pop love. This song never gets old.


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