How have you been?

Wow, it’s been a while. How has life been treating you? Good, I hope.

Why did I stop writing in here again?! I don’t know. You know how it goes, two days turn into three, three into a week and then a month and before you know it, 7 whole months! Like what the actual duck.

Well, on the bright side of life, Chelsea won the Premier League. WOO-HOO.

*Another month later*

Erm. So that happened about a month ago, and I was supposed to publish this post the next day but I never got around to it.

I’m a victim of procrastination.

I meant to write a tad more in this post but doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen now.

Clearly, this post is the most pointless out of all my posts.

However, it looks like I’m still typing away.



Oh well.

Thanks for reading, here are some funny gifs as an apology for the two minutes of your life you just wasted:


Well..Fuck you, Simba.


Cheers, until next time!


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