Holy shit, no.

So Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America.

No, not a political post, there’s been way too much of all that already, both on my WordPress feed and outside of it. I just wanted to say that, if this presidential election has taught me anything, it is that YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE! Sorry I’m shouting, it’s the Trump effect. Wow, I just realized, many years from now, children are going to be reading about THIS in their history books, about how an orange became the President of the US of A, this whole phenomenon might even have a name – The Trump effect? THE TRUMP EVENT.

“Yes kids, way back in 2016, the USA thought it would be a good idea to elect a racist, misogynist, violent, fear mongering man who couldn’t even be trusted with his Twitter (remember we covered Twitter, Facebook and applications known as social media in our previous chapter?) as Commander-in-Chief.”

Remember how the teacher used to tell that one kid in class, “Of course you can be the future president of the country, Jimmy, you just gotta believe.” IT’S TRUE!

Job hunting and you feel you don’t have enough experience to apply for a particular job? Apply anyway!

Lost for words during an interview? Make up your own! “Bigly”? “braggadocios”? “yuuuge”?- the possibilities are endless.

“Okay Miss/Mr Job Candidate, why should we hire you?” 

“I’m going to make this company great again, okayI’m going to do hyuge things, tremendous things, we have a problem with this company and I AM going to fix it. I’ve had so many people tell me I’m doing a great job, I’m doing a fantastic job. I will the greatest employee that God ever created, I can tell you.”

If Trump has taught us anything, it’s that your employers will probably be stupid enough to hire you anyway. Doesn’t matter how uninformed, uneducated or plain ignorant you make yourself out to be (or pretend to, at least – quoting Andy Borowitz : Say what you will about Trump, he is not stupid. He is a smart man with a deep understanding of what stupid people want).

Good luck America, may you be great again.


Little Reminders

I found this little note on our doorstep today evening.

Kids these days, worrying about the environment and shit . . .



Good night!

The Smallest Coffins are the Heaviest

It had to take a picture of a lifeless toddler lying face down washed ashore on a beach, for the world to finally come to terms with, and the accept the fact that Europe’s ‘refugee crisis’ is a self-evident deepening humanitarian catastrophe that’s worsening every passing day.

The heart wrenching photograph of a dead Syrian child washed up on the Turkish shore highlighted the plight of desperate refugees risking lives to try to reach Europe.

The biggest driver of the refugee crisis is Syria, with the highest number of displaced people (around 250,000 have been killed, HALF of the country’s population has been displaced and 4 million refugees have fled; just think about those numbers for a minute) since 2011.

Why is there so much killing, why are people getting displaced and WHY are people fleeing?

Simple explanation – Syria is a country divided between the government, rebel and Kurdish forces and ISIS. The country has been in civil war since 2012. And naturally, civilians suffer the most during war. Once familiar towns and neighbourhoods rendered unrecognizable from the indiscriminate bombing and shelling. Displaced and homeless, aware that the crises in their home country have simply become too dangerous to tolerate, most refugees make the difficult decision to flee and end up in over crowded & under supplied camps in neighbouring countries.  But these camps offer very little future for the families who might have to spend years there.

And that’s how Europe comes into play. Charged exorbitant amounts by smugglers, hundreds and thousands of refugees make their way into Europe, often in boats and rubber dinghies that are simply not safe enough to sail through the Mediterranean, and needless to say, tragedies are frequent. You have to understand that, to take a risk like that, speaks volumes of the horrors these people are fleeing and about the acute desperation to find a future for their children.

Now how do the conflicts & crises affect children?

According to UNICEF, one in four schools in Syria can no longer be used for education, since the conflict erupted in 2011. 2.7m Syrian school-aged children are not in school.  50,000 teachers no longer report to work, while thousands of children have to cross front lines to take school exams. Can you imagine the sheer despair felt by a generation of school children who are seeing their hopes and futures shattered? What future does a region have if it’s children are not offered one?

But it’s not just Syria. Longer running conflicts have displaced millions from Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria & Eritrea as well.

While governments(with one big exception) are out there still trying to make up their minds about how to distribute the influx of refugees within their countries, what actions can we, as part of an international community, take? Let’s start with Syria.

YOU can help.

There are a number of humanitarian organisations that are distributing aid and services within Europe as well as the Middle East.

A dollar or a thousand – it does not matter. If you have the means to do it, please donate to the cause.
  1. Save The Children ( : The org. says some 5 million Syrian children are in need of
    A displaced Syrian child is viewed in a makeshift camp for Syrian refugees
    A displaced Syrian child is viewed in a makeshift camp for Syrian refugees

    assistance. Funds are used for food, clothing, care and protection as a result of the ongoing war.

  2. CARE ( : CARE has operations in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen and Syria offering all kinds of assistance to people affected by the Syrian conflict.
  3. UNHCR ( : The organisation is providing water, mosquito nets, tents, health care and other services.
  4. UNICEF ( : UNICEF needs an additional $300 million (AED 1.10 billion) this year to give more children access to education. The agency has so far received $140 million, or 40% of its 2015 appeal.

“Is my donation really going to matter?”

Absolutely, one hundred percent, yes. A lot of these organisations are struggling to cope with the vast numbers; every single penny/dirham/rupee/you-get-my-point counts.

Echoing Angela Merkel’s sentiments, together, “We can make it.”

And for the sake of humanity, we need to.

*Notes : Thinking ”Just what happened to Syria?!” ? This should help you out. A brief explanation courtesy Vox WorldWhy People are fleeing Syria.

I’m part of the Mafia now?

I’ve been going back and forth in my head about this post. Mainly because so far, my blog has been all about the lighter side of life. “To post or not to post? Do I really want to get sucked into this?” have been the questions. But then I decided, I have an outlet and I have a voice. So why not?

So I was one of the many viewers of this now famous dialogue/debate on Real Time with Bill Maher. Yes, the one with Ben Affleck in it.

Bear with me, I’m going to keep this short.

The very first thing that stood out and what I found funny was the fact that there wasn’t a single Muslim academic present in this supposed debate about Islam. It’s like a group of people sitting around and talking about the worst chocolate cake they never had. “Oh, I’m perfectly aware of and am well educated on the recipe; it had flour, baking soda/powder, sugar, salt, eggs, cocoa powder, vanilla…I don’t know the required measurements of any of the ingredients but I’m just going to assume that a chocolate cake made with two cups of sugar/two eggs/a tsp of salt/.. is going to taste just as bad as a chocolate cake made with a two cups of sugar/10 eggs/a tin of salt/..” 

Beg your pardon, I just baked some cupcakes yesterday and hence the example.

Back to the debate, I’m listening to Sam Harris say that every criticism of the doctrine of Islam gets conflated with bigotry towards Muslims as people and that, that was intellectually ridiculous and I’m going ‘okay..I see what you’re saying.’ “We have to be able to criticize bad ideas”. Yes, dude, we do indeed. “..And Islam is the mother lode of bad ideas.” Wait, what? 

Will give the (Bat)man props for trying

That escalated quickly.

We should criticize and question things! As much as possible! Like my teacher used to say ‘That is how you learn new things.’ but honestly, I did not expect that last comment to fall out in the manner that it did.

Also, can’t I take my take my faith seriously AND want world peace (and not take part in a beauty pageant) at the same time? Since when did being a religious practicing Muslim equal being a person supporting crimes against humanity? Yes, there are extremists, but you need to understand that they represent one end of the spectrum, whose interpretations of a beautiful faith are so wrong that it blows my mind [No pun intended]. The ideology is not the problem; people are. And when you’re talking about a faith that is practiced by over a billion people around the globe over varying countries, you cannot take a particular country and say ‘This is representative of your faith’. No, it is not and to say that the extreme acts of the most repressive of countries is representative of what is happening in every other Muslim country is just ignorance.

My brother in law is one of the most religious people I know personally and also one of the most amiable. Is there some contradiction here? Isn’t he supposed to be working on bombs or something now, according to what I just heard on RT?

All I have to (and want to, really) say is stop confusing culture and faith. If a particular culture interprets the scripture violently, it is the culture of the people that needs to change or be changed; the Quran will not change, people need to stop using ‘religion’ for fulfilling personal and political agenda. And generalized religion bashing needs to stop – it is not getting us anywhere.

I’d love to hear what you think. And uhm, I’m really not part of any mafia, just so that we’re really clear on that. And no I will not kill you if you say the wrong thing, Maher.


Good morning! And may peace be ever upon you. 🙂

Facebook has turned me into a stalker

I know where you live.

I know where you work and that you’re positioned for a promotion soon.

I know where you went to school and what you majored in.

I know your birthday. I even know what celebrations you had on your birthday.

I know where you went out last night.

I know which movie you watched the other day.

I know your favourite food. I even know what you left unfinished on the plate.

I know your favourite book and quotes.

I know your favourite football team. I support the same too.

I know which actor makes you swoon and which song tugs at your heart strings.

I know who you hang out with and where you love to party the most.

I know all about you, yet nothing about you.


Ten years ago probably, hearing these statements from a random person would have FREAKED. YOU. OUT. Fast forward to now, the age of social networking and Facebooking in particular, and we think, ‘Meh, what else is new?’ 

I mean, what is up with our insane need to share everything with everyone! We’re so publicly accessible that even a chimp with a computer can look us up and know how we roll. Remember Amy’s nicotine addicted monkey from The Big Bang Theory? Yeah, him – I have high hopes for him.




So yeah, Facebook is great, social networking is great, I would have lost touch with about 70 per cent of my friends if not for this amazing piece of work. But sometimes it just seems so weird. Like when you look at a word for so long that you start to question the spelling, its pronunciation and even its existence?! Yeah, that kinda weird.

What do you think?

In the meanwhile, I’m going to get some breakfast.

‘Healthy breakfast this morning!’ . Post photograph of a bowl of oatmeal topped with some berries. Add filter. #nofilter. [#ofcourseI’mlying #alsothere’sleftoverpizzainthefridge #byebyehealthy ]

20 likes in two minutes. Faith in popularity of self, restored.



Good morning!