“What a Lovely Blog!”

I’m lovely! OK fine, my blog is lovely!

So I got nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by the lovely Hayley Margaret from A Stitch to Scratch. Thank you Hayley! You should check her out, her posts leave me in stitches! Get it, get it? No?! Well, deal with it. “Why”?!   

Because I say sew!

Can’t make two stitching puns in a row they said. Unseamly, they said.

I showed them. 

Is this what you’re doing right now?  DON’T LEAVE, PLEASE!

Before you think I’m some sort of knit-twit… OK THAT WAS THE LAST ONE I PROMISE, let’s get serious.


Okay cool.

The One Lovely Blog Award is an awesome way of promoting & appreciating new bloggers and their lovely blogs. You get nominated by fellow bloggers and there are a few rules you have to follow:

  • Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  • Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post.
  • Share 7 facts/things about yourself.
  • Nominate around 15 bloggers you admire and inform the nominees by commenting on their blog.
Don't ask; I apparently decided to go all colourful today.

Here are my seven facts! And don’t judge me if my seven facts turn out to be just random nonsense.


I’m a morning person. My day usually starts at 6. If sometimes I over sleep and wake up at 9.30 I will feel like my entire day has gone by and not be productive at all, EVEN IF on some days the only thing I do after waking up at 6 a.m. is walk from the bedroom to the couch in the living room and sit on YouTube or curl up and read a book.


I can’t STAND washing my face and then not drying it IMMEDIATELY with a towel. No idea why I think this is relevant information here. But if you ever decide to splash water on me, I hope you’re considerate enough to bring a towel along.



I’m a nervous flyer. I would actually enjoy the take off part if there weren’t a million thoughts running in my head. “Is this airplane safe? Will the wheels burst?” “Oh god, what is that loud noise? Is that normal? Oh wait, I think it is.” “Why does that kid have to start crying now?!” Relax, let’s look outside. Wait, does that wing look a bit off?” and the dramatic “Was today my last time on earth?!” 


I can proudly say that I have peed my pants just once in my entire life (post potty training of course). Funny story. I was maybe three-ish? Sneaked into the kitchen when no one was inside, locked the door, opened that tin of heaven that was milk powder, realised after blissful eating time that I had no idea how to unlock a door, dad started banging on the other side, I got scared and the deed was done.


I love cheese. Yeah, that’s Fact no. 5 for you. If you ever decide to visit, you know what to bring now.


I love the smell of nail polish, paint and white ink pens.

Pfft. Showoff.


I get cold very easily. Tragic really, because the concept of winter and snow combined just seems so..romantic. Born and brought up in a desert, I’ve never seen snow in my life!


Now on to nominating some lovely people!

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I’m nominating you because I think your blogs are quite lovely and I enjoy reading them so keep up the good work!

And remember, I want some embarrassing facts. 


Good morning!


The glasses that got away

spectacles-23 I keep losing my glasses. Someone needs to come up with sensors for these things; you know, like when you lose your phone you just ring it and you realise it was in your pocket the whole time? I want spectacles that come with a remote control so that when I misplace them, a push of a button on my trustworthy remote would lead me to my beeping glasses. Although, if I misplaced my remote, now that would be a problem… Oh well. Got any thoughts? #firstworldproblems

Trains Trains! (pt. 2)

So Mr.Cannot-Take-A-Hint (see Trains Trains!) was not scary. Weird and annoying? YES.

But not really the scariest character you could meet on an Indian train. Trust me, there are a lot of nominees for that, a rodent inclusive. Let’s talk about the time when I got pee-in-my-pants-if-I-weren’t-so-dehydrated-scared by an old woman, shall we.

NB: If you’re a new reader, well hello there! Sit back and read what I get myself into sometimes when I’m unfortunate enough to make last minute train trips and travel ten hours without pre-booking. You might want to read Part 1 first though, for all the juice on General compartments in Indian trains & the amazing services that they offer.

Or not.

Your call.

Wait, what - old woman?!

Those gentle creatures with their white hair and wise faces, always having the funniest of stories to tell and the most sensible of advice to give? No, not them.

Think more along the lines of Cruella, Snow White’s step mother and the like.

So I was on a last-minute trip home. I get into the train and see my coveted single-seat, sit down and realise that I have an old lady sitting opposite me.

I smile but I don’t get one back but anyway, I’m busy getting comfortable in my seat and forget about it. After a while, I stretch my legs and accidentally hit her leg in the process. I immediately apologise but this is where things take a turn for the worse. She looks at me with an angry stare (you know those ones that pierce through the core of your soul wanting to rip it off? Yeah . .) and I uncomfortably look away, slightly confused, wondering if I should say something. Coward that I am, I decide to keep my mouth shut and go back to looking out the window. Out of the corner of my eye I can see that now not only is she still staring at me but she’s started muttering things under her breath as well. Oh Lord. And I can still feel her eyes on mine, boring a hole into my face. If looks could kill.


Then after a couple of minutes, I look back at her. She’s no longer staring at me, but she’s still muttering things, no longer keeping it soft, giving me icy stares every now and then. I look around perplexed at the other passengers beside us – they look just as confused as I am, and some of them give me sympathetic nods. Now I get really freaked out when the muttering doesn’t stop – was this some Indian voodoo shit?! Not that I believe in them but I’d rather not take my chances.

Now would be a good time to describe how she looked. You could see that she wasn’t well off and there’s a part of me that feels guilty about this post. In a disheveled sari, hair unkempt, she was probably blind in one eye and I would have been more sympathetic under normal circumstances. Anyway, I love my single-seat but I decided I didn’t love it that much so the first chance I got after a fellow passenger left, I jumped to the seats beside me as far away from her as I could and ‘phewed’ a sigh of relief. Only until I was positively sure that she had gotten off the train did I dare look that way again. I know, I’m a coward! But can you really blame me?

Now this incident is almost as scary as the time when there was a rat in my compartment. YES. A FRIGGIN’ RODENT. In my compartment. I was just half an hour away from my destination, when suddenly I hear a squeak! Alarmed, I look at my fellow passenger and the dude just grins back at me. I raise both my eyebrows at him to confirm if I had just heard what I thought I heard and he just replies “You better pull up and sit cross legged on your seat; you never know when it can come scurrying over!” WHAT.


This ain’t no Stuart Little movie, dude! Now he’s laughing at me, loving the look of horror on my face and I can’t help but curse both him and the wretched rodent under my breath. Somehow, thirty minutes tick by, way too slowly, with each minute spent dreading whether the little thing could smell my fear.

The train finally stops at the platform and I just jump from my seat and escape into the night happy to be alive. Umm, somewhat like this.


Happy Journeys everyone!

Mission Rubik’s accomplished.

So I’ve been busy.

Working; lazing around while not working; completing this thesis work I voluntarily put myself into (it will be educative!); playing around with my niece; waking up randomly at 2 A.M. in the night without checking the time and proceeding to brush and get ready for the day (giving mom who was just going to bed, a reason to laugh her head out and embarrass me in the morning); reading – you get it, technically, busy with life.

And it’s funny because while I’m living it, I don’t feel like I’m doing much at all. Let’s face it, my life will be an eternal struggle between wanting to and not having enough time.

And while I’ve been reading fellow bloggers’ posts and adding my two cents here and there, I broke my promise to myself of having a piece up over here every three days. But it’s alright, since ‘myself’ forgives easily. Thanks myself!


Wait. Whaat.

Alright! So since I’m all about the smaller things in life, this happened the other day. Now I will not go into detail about how I was supposed to be doing my project when I saw this bizmuck (yeah that’s a word!) contraption that my sister bought a day back, sitting on my table which then proceeded to me forgetting about the project that night and the next morning in general and how my niece thought I was turning crazier with each ‘ARGH!’.

20140920_154719 20140920_154742

Damn straight I was proud of myself.

Now that you find me sexier,


Good morning!