Mission Rubik’s accomplished.

So I’ve been busy.

Working; lazing around while not working; completing this thesis work I voluntarily put myself into (it will be educative!); playing around with my niece; waking up randomly at 2 A.M. in the night without checking the time and proceeding to brush and get ready for the day (giving mom who was just going to bed, a reason to laugh her head out and embarrass me in the morning); reading – you get it, technically, busy with life.

And it’s funny because while I’m living it, I don’t feel like I’m doing much at all. Let’s face it, my life will be an eternal struggle between wanting to and not having enough time.

And while I’ve been reading fellow bloggers’ posts and adding my two cents here and there, I broke my promise to myself of having a piece up over here every three days. But it’s alright, since ‘myself’ forgives easily. Thanks myself!


Wait. Whaat.

Alright! So since I’m all about the smaller things in life, this happened the other day. Now I will not go into detail about how I was supposed to be doing my project when I saw this bizmuck (yeah that’s a word!) contraption that my sister bought a day back, sitting on my table which then proceeded to me forgetting about the project that night and the next morning in general and how my niece thought I was turning crazier with each ‘ARGH!’.

20140920_154719 20140920_154742

Damn straight I was proud of myself.

Now that you find me sexier,


Good morning!


5 thoughts on “Mission Rubik’s accomplished.

  1. You solved a Rubik’s Cube? Respect. I’ve being trying to do that for years. I even followed a tutorial on Youtube, and I got almost to the end, and then my godson arrived one afternoon, took it off the shelf and bang went my progress. But he couldn’t do it either, which was kind of a comfort.

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