Cards and seashells

So I misplaced my calculator and I spent more than half an hour rummaging through my whole flat in search of it (in vain by the way) and I came across these bad boys lying abandoned in a shoe box in a corner shelf of our computer(yes, we still have such an item in our house that no one actually uses) desk. Of course I arranged them. SO much time in your hands when you don’t have a job. 

2014-08-18 11.50.25


2014-08-18 11.47.57

I know that they are telephone cards but I honestly can’t remember how they were supposed to work. I think you used them in a public booth? You know, scratch the card, dial the digits shown into a public telephone and you get some minutes worth of calls. Oh well, anyway, for some reason, my brother and I used to think it was fun collecting them after somebody would have thrown them away after use (there was a booth right in front of our old place) and we used to stack them up and store them. Picture wise. There were many more of these but I guess they got lost over time and what I found today were the few that stood the test of time. 

Speaking of collecting stuff, I also found these in the same shoe box.          20140818_101748-1-12014-08-18 12.01.17  

This is from the first time we collected sea shells when we went to the beach in my home town and then brought them home to show dad. And I kept them as a souvenir to represent ‘the first time’. 

Growing up, I had different phases when it came to collecting things. My dad used to collect stamps when he was younger and he had a book load of them and I had a phase where I would try the hardest to imitate my father – I would try to copy his hand writing or his signature style (trust me, that came in handy later on in high school), the way he spoke, the way he did Math (oh, he was good!) –  and I tried collecting stamps just like him. But unfortunately, try as I may, I just couldn’t get interested in it and dropped it after a while. 

My brother and I were intense Pokemon fans (I can still sing the theme songs by heart) and duh we had the cards. Every Pokemon fan had to have the cards! And battle. And to the victor went the spoils (your opponents’ cards in this case). Fun times truly. We used to collect WWE and cricketer cards too. Football, I developed a passion for during my later teenage years and by then I had become too old for card collection. 


Let’s see, what else did I collect? Oh yes, we used to subscribe to a teen & children’s magazine ‘Young Times’ while growing up. They discontinued a few years back, but I had a whole carton and a half’s worth of collection of it that I would read and re-read whenever I was bored.  Anyone familiar with the publication would know how attached we subscribers were to it. Sadly my mum threw them away while they were shifting places (meh) and I was conveniently away (I was in college at the time). 

I’m sure there are a whole bunch of other things I must have collected – some sane, some not so much- but this should suffice for now I guess. 

What did YOU collect when you were younger?