Talking fingers?!


Sometimes you have nothing in your head and those days are the hardest as far as a blogger is concerned.  And that’s when I look to WordPress’ Daily Prompt for help.

Have I ever named an inanimate object? I can’t really remember the answer to that ‘cause I might have when I was younger, but so far as the present me is concerned, no I have not named my phone, laptop, car or anything else. [Although I was pretty attached to my first ever vehicle (the shiny red Vespa) and always referred to the scooter as ‘her’]. But back when I was younger, everything around me had life. The sofas in our living room-all six of them- were my brothers and I used to talk to them, the big table in our dining room (not so big anymore) was like a dad-figure [I was weird], my fingers were people who had lives and talked (oh god, it’s getting worse I know) and I think this is enough revelation for now.